10 things to do in South Beach

Are you visiting South Beach?  I’ve lived here since 1996,and still love it. Here’re 10 suggestions for things you might want to do during your visit:

  1. Take a walk on the beach at sunrise.
  2. Visit the Holocaust memorial (one of the most beautiful, haunting ones I know).
  3. Have a coffee and/or breakfast at 7 AM at Las Olas on Euclid and sixth, a wonderful local waterhole.
  4. Rent a bike from one of the many public Deco Bike stations and explore South Beach by bike.
  5. Check out South Pointe Park, especially around 7 AM when us dog owners show up with our dogs.
  6. Attend an outside “wallcast” at the New World Symphony. It’s a truly unique way of enjoying a live concert or movie.
  7. Have dinner at the Books and Books Restaurant on 927 Lincoln Road (also check out the associated independent book store in the back). Locals and visitors go here. It’s reasonably priced, and the food is yummy. My favorite is the South Beach Smoked Salmon (a sandwich).  This is on Lincoln Road, which is a major attraction in itself. Lincoln Road is one of the most extraordinary pedestrian zones in the world, and one of the first ever, in the US, historically. It’s a mile long, stretching east to west, and worth a walk – not primarily for the shopping or dining, but for the incredible people-watching.
  8. Check out the new SoFi Cafe, at the Southern tip of the South Beach, in the so-called South of Fifth (SoFi) area (where I live). They are all about health food, the people couldn’t be friendlier, but what’s really unique is the bright, spacious, very pleasant interior that is very reminiscent of a European Coffee House. Try the smoked salmon pita. I love it.
  9. Enjoy lunch at The Standard. Great outdoor water location. Off the beaten path.
  10. Hang out the new Panther coffee shop at 1875 Purdy Avenue. Excellent coffee, and it’s already become a hangout for the young and creative.