Some of my projects, “best of” lists, and other things.

Learn how to speak with clarity and confidence in important, time-limited situations. Get coaches by video call.

Businesses, non-profits and individuals from all over the world use the Message House communication method  to get better at whatever it is they do.


A Web site just for my dog Zeus. Because he’s the best dog in the universe and because I love being able to tell people “you can see my dog at”. Got a cat? I’ll sell you… Got a tiger? You get it…


South Beach – Top 10

If you’re visiting South Beach, check out my 10 suggestions for what you might want to do during your visit. I’ve lived here since 1996. A lot has changed, but I still love it.


Everglades – Top 5

I live part-time on a farm  in the swampy wetlands south of Homestead / Florida City (near the Southernmost entrance to the Everglades National Park). If you’re in that neighborhood, here’re 5 suggestions for what to do.